Job Description & Specifications Resident Medical Officer

Job Title:

Resident Medical Officer




Medical Services

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Prince Aly Khan Hospital

 Reports to  (Designation)

 Medical Registrar

Job Summary:

·         To give quality of medical service & appropriate medical care & customer focus in wards.

Roles and Responsibilities:

·         To make sure that patient is getting appropriate treatment in time. 

·         To communicate with patients and provide all information regarding patients to the consultants.

·         To make sure that all the necessary investigations are done on time and inform the report to

 concern doctors/ consultants and as soon as possible start the appropriate treatment.

·         In case of emergency start necessary treatment.

·         Medical documentation of treatment, medicines and investigation

·         To communicate with patients regarding their problem

·         To provide good care to the patients.

·         To have technical skills & should accept responsibilities whenever necessary.

The duties and responsibilities include:

·         To comply to any other responsibilities which are given at the time of need.

·         Assessment sheet history taking & examination

·         I/V Lines.

·         Writing treatment sheet.

·         Daily rounds, Emergency calls.

·         Initial assessment of patient & preparation for surgery.

·         Writing treatment history.

·         Suture removal.

·         Investigation (non-invasive) order.

·         I/V lines

·         Peripheral, Emergency Care Nasogastric tube insertion.

·         Foley’s insertion.

·         Ward Procedures: Dressing of wounds.

·         Suture removal and Suturing.

·         Ordering for investigation in wards/change in medication`


       Key Interfaces:


·         Consultants – to give history for proper treatment.

·         Medical Registrar—to give patients clinical update & liaise during admits & emergency.

·         CCS-For patients intermerits.

·         Pathology lab – for investigation

·         ICU – for transfer of patient


Job Specification:


Education & Qualifications


 Undergraduate medical, post graduate medical




Min 6 months of Exp as RMO in hospital





Clinical knowledge & practical knowledge in clinical system





Technical skills, flexible, ability to cop –up with stress, good communication skills and physically fit.


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Ms.Vaishali Palve

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