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Certifications & Quality policy

Certifications & Quality policy

Prince Aly Khan Hospital is committed to providing quality and value for money, in a safe and ethical environment, to all its patients.

  • Creating a strong customer focus in all its operations.
  • Continuously enhancing the quality of its human resource through training and development
  • Keeping abreast with all the developments in the field of medicine
  • Staying contemporary with developments in medicine and all other areas of activity.

ISO Certifications:

ISO provides a model for quality viewed as product/service conformance. It also establishes a foundation for further quality improvement on a continual basis. Prince Aly Khan Hospital was awarded the international certificate of ISO - 9002:1994 in December 2001. The certification was upgraded to the 9001:2000 in 2004 and 9001:2008 in 2010. The hospital is now one of the very few in the country to have achieved this distinction.

Clinical Governance and Audit

There are well-established initiatives, overseen by dedicated committees of consultants and hospital administrators, in the areas of clinical pathways, incident reporting and analysis, safety audit and infection control. These are validated through periodic internal and external audits.

Circular of Cardiac Charges

Based on Government notification for cardio procedures there will be no mark up on stent prices. It will be charged to the patients on actuals. Stent charges will be capped to the maximum of Rs.30,000/- plus taxes as directed by the Government. Consumables specific for angioplasty (balloon, guide wire, catheters, thrombus aspirant devices and micro catheters) will be billed at cost price.

Departmental Audits

Some departments, like Pathology, are associated with external quality assurance and audit agencies and activities are assessed on an ongoing basis. Others, like Radiology and Blood Bank, submit themselves to periodic inspection by concerned regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with guidelines. Where mandatory requirements do not exist, services like the IVF Center voluntarily adopt guidelines of respected agencies like the Indian Council for Medical Research.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee, comprising mostly of eminent individuals from varied backgrounds, from outside the hospital, whets all research proposals and issues with ethical dimensions.

Waste Management

Based on government notification, the requirements for Waste Management have been ensured.       Know more about the same